WorkzStore is a Job Cost solution for Xero

With our unique three tier model we provide a robust customisable solution for the Job Cost industry

A three tier model

First level is our standard solution that we upgrade with new versions. The second level provides you with additions designed for you and written by us. The highest and last level provides you with individual preferences via a setup screen.

Why ?

By providing a three tier solution your customised additions remain safe even when the base level is upgraded.

In the Office

A windows program where jobs are created updated and finalised

Out and about

A robust mobile app for the workers


A web based program to checkout how jobs are going

All prices are in NZD....

One off purchase price : $500 per user
Monthly hosting cost per user : $129

Customisation Costs : $125 per hour (or by separate quotation)

All prices are exclusive of GST

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